How To Be Identified As An Expert

You want to be identified as an expert in your field of endeavour? Do what the experts do.

So what do experts do? They:

1. Write books: One of the quickest way to be seen as an expert is to write a book. And go check it, many of the people you refer to as experts today have written a book. So if you want to attain the expert status very quickly, write and publish a book.

2. Give Talks: This is another sure guarantee to gaining expert status. Go speak at an event. Organise one, and if you can’t, find someone who has an event and ask them to come and speak at their event. Many event organisers are looking for speakers to speak at their events. The moment you speak at any event, the attendees see you in a new light. The confidence to be able to speak gives you that leverage of being seen as someone very knowledgeable. Your delivery is another matter altogether, though, but you can be certain that someone in the audience will connect with you at your level. The more you speak, the more you’re seen as an expert and the more money you can command. You can start to speak for free, but eventually you will be paid to speak at events.

3. Appear in Interviews: This is almost akin to speaking and giving talks; however, an interview is usually in a more relaxed environment. This can be on the radio, where your face won’t be seen, or on television. It can even be on a podcast. Interviews are more relaxing because you’re being asked questions while you provide the answers. Appearing in interviews portrays you as someone who is well versed in your field; otherwise, you wouldn’t have been invited.

4. Write Blog posts: This is straight forward and probably something you’re also familiar with. Write feature articles on your blog, on popular blogs or even on national newspapers.

5. Record Podcasts: This is referring to creating your own podcast. As a podcaster, you will be recording multiple episodes, which means you will be researching the topics you will be speaking on. Having a podcast makes people see you as a thought leader, and you have the opportunity to shape people’s thoughts concerning your area of specialty.

6. Create Communities: Creating communities is another way to get expert status. Why is this? People love to be led; they are always looking for someone to take a lead. Regardless of your area of specialization, you will always see people of like minds and ideologies join your community when you create one. The community can either be free or paid. Communities can be created using apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, YouTube, or literally any app that allows you to have users or followers.

7. Answer Questions: There are a number of communities online in your field where questions are being asked. Find one, join and begin to answer peoples questions. Example of such communities include Quora, Facebook Groups, WhatsApp Groups, Reddit, Forums etc.

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